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Local stores – driving community and sustainability Shopping in physical retail stores conserves energy and resources . Your clients can interact with merchandise and ask your brand ambassadors for product informaNon Commitment to purchase is highest in real store environments. Communities can thrive with live instore experience events!
Mobile & social commerce combined Buying in app via -commerce is faster and easier than queueing at the traditional POS. Apps also encourage sharing on social media, and your clients will love to share new amazing purchases with the world!
Smooth shopping journey for your clients Q-Zero provides a frictionless self-checkout experience for your clients and helps to keep a fully connected consumer journey instore,Thus enhancing your omnichannel strategy.
Our Services
Q-Zero App Mobile commerce for the next generaNon of shoppers! Scan, pay & go Zero queue Nme, Maximum retail therapy for your clients!
Q-Zero Marketplace Create your own store on our marketplace start selling merchandise globall via Q-Zero App.
Q-Zero Advertising Engage your shoppers with powerful ad content about the brand products they wish to purchase .
Q-Zero- Enterprise Full store system integraNon in the cloud.
Q-Zero Experience Instore Events: enhance your physical retail experience with in-store events to drive foofall. We tailor events to suit your needs.
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